Sleep training 1 year old but he seems to be crying in his sleep

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Learningasigo25 Fri 15-Jan-21 07:55:26


This week I started sleep training my 13 m/o baby and on the most part it is going really well, I’ve managed to get him to sleep in his cot just by “shhhushing” for both his naps and at bedtime however the problem comes when he wakes in the night, he doesn’t resettle as easy as he goes to sleep... last night he woke at 10pm and i was shhh and patting for 2 hours til I gave up (inconsistent I know)! He was lying down, looked cosy, eyes closed but crying/wingeing... then every time I though I had done it and managed to get out the room, the slightest sound set him off again.... I was really just wondering if anyone has been through the same and if they have any suggestions?

Previous to this week he would be cuddled to sleep, very irregular naps and if he was not held or in car/pram they would only last 30 mins and at night after the first time he woke up, I wasn’t able to get him back in his cot as he woke up every time I put him down!

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Ohalrightthen Fri 15-Jan-21 08:02:02

My DD does this when she's teething. Most of the time she sleeps through, and if she wakes she can get herself back to sleep. There's the odd night where we have to go in and sshhhhh pat, and if she's poorly or teething it just doesnt work. We end up taking her in with us on those nights.

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