Can't get 7 month old to settle through night.

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emilyspellman Thu 14-Jan-21 22:31:47

My sons 7 month old and he keeps waking through the night crying. I feed him, change him. Give him calpol/colic drops if he still doesn't settle. I honestly don't know what's wrong or what I can do. He's quite twisty through the day and I just don't know how to help him? Plus he twists in between spoonfuls of his food. I'm a first time mam I'm just trying my best. Any tips or help would be great please.

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smeerf Thu 14-Jan-21 22:36:20

Sounds perfectly normal! It takes some babies a while to sleep through, 7 months is still very tiny. My 8 month old is up every few hours in the night for a feed and cuddle.

Whirlwind14 Thu 14-Jan-21 22:41:44

Sounds normal to me too. They’re all so different and what’s normal for one is totally different for another. We have a 13 hour sleeper from 6 weeks and a 18m who doesn’t know what sleep means. We’ve done. Thing different...

Is he in a sleeping bag? My youngest hates her legs being restricted. Is the room ok temp wise? What about trying some white noise? Or if they’re over tired when they go to bed that can have an impact too. None of the above works here but might be worth a go!

greenemerald Thu 14-Jan-21 22:42:44

Sounds very normal. My 9mo is still waking up a few times a night for a feed and resettle. What do you mean twisty? My DS is a right fidget too with lots of energy if that's what you mean

emilyspellman Thu 14-Jan-21 22:49:13

Thank you so much. I've tried him in a sleeping bag. I've tried without. The room temperature is so warm through the day when he goes to sleep but then through night it tends to drop.

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WhineyMineyMoo Thu 14-Jan-21 22:50:44

OP - you say he is twisty as in seems to be in discomfort? Is it possible he has a reaction / sensitivity to something he's eating during the day? A food intolerance maybe? We suffered with colic too until LO was about 8-9 weeks and he was this kind of twisty baby during feeding until we swapped to colic milk bottles - please forgive me but my understanding is that it goes away by months 3 in most cases and definitely not something you deal with past 6 months so could it be that your LO is dealing with something else? FTM here too x

ChocOrange1 Thu 14-Jan-21 22:52:12

I wouldn't advise giving him calpol regularly unless you think he is actually ill. It is a medication after all, and not supposed to be given all the time "just in case".

What do you mean by "twisty" during the day?

I would say that waking up at night is pretty normal for a 7month old so not to worry too much.


mammyemily Thu 14-Jan-21 22:59:14

Yeah that could be it. He seems to be filling his nappy okay and there doesn't seem to be anything unusual as if he has a bad stomach at all. I do give him colic drops because he still suffers from colic at his age it hasn't seemed to pass sad It has just been the past week or so where he has been very unsettled. I'm not sure wether it could be him teething, which is why I give him some calpol as I don't know if it could be that. When he cries it's the painful cry on a night. But through the day it's just twisty and seems agitated. But thank you for your help this is really appreciated. I just keep having people saying to me that their babies were fine through the night from x amount of months and I was just worried in case this was not normal.

WhineyMineyMoo Thu 14-Jan-21 23:22:10

Oh bless you, I do really feel for you since it's so hard to figure out what's up with them most of the times! Have you thought about discussing it all with your GP? They helped me a lot when trying to sort my sons colic / reflux. I'm sure they'd help you explore various options and offer some possible solutions. I think once you tackle what agitates him, he's probably going to be calmer at night too.

All babies are different though so don't worry about what they. I had similar conversation with a friend not long ago who's struggling with baby's sleep and was saying to me how she can't believe mine sleeps through the night. BUT what she forgets is that we co-sleep and they don't, and she still breast feeds at night and I stopped night feedings at 16 weeks. All I'm trying to say is that it's hard to compare when there are jus too may factors and baby sleep is a minefield haha!

ChocOrange1 Thu 14-Jan-21 23:24:50

People whose babies sleep love to tell everyone else about it but many many babies wake up in the night, it's normal and very common up to 18 months and even older (especially with breastfed babies in my experience)

WhineyMineyMoo Thu 14-Jan-21 23:35:49


People whose babies sleep love to tell everyone else about it but many many babies wake up in the night, it's normal and very common up to 18 months and even older (especially with breastfed babies in my experience)

I completely agree with you! And "sleeping through" is such a loose term. They all wake numerous times a night. Just like adults do too. Difference is, some babies self settle and you don't hear them. Others will wake you up. I've been blessed with a snuggler who hates his bed 🙈

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