5 month old unsettled when put down after night feed

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Laurargh Thu 14-Jan-21 01:47:25

My boy is 5 months and has become impossible to put in his crib after night feed.

No matter what time into his sleep cycle, I've experimented, as soon as he leaves my chest his hands go up to his face and scalp and he starts to rub.

Sometimes he wakes and whines immediately, others I will sit with him 20+ minutes trying to keep him calm enough that his hands will fall off his eyes, which also wakes him if they fall too quick. If I dont sit with him he starts clawing at his scalp, and even in scratch sleeve he has woken with weeping friction burn on forehead. We assume this itches as it heals and so process continues. I feel bad as you me it looks like he is trying to put himself to sleep.

He wont settle in crib but falls asleep immediately in my arms.

I've been putting baby oil on his head to moisturize, tonight started Oilatum in hopes it relieves itching but looks like it doesnt.

Have tried childs farm and Aveeno, both seem to make his scalp red.

How can I put him down, or stop this behaviour? I think the rubbing is more a comfort /soothing thing, but if I hold his arms away he whines and wakes up!

Havent slept more than 2.5 hours a night since before xmas. And assume this is me up for the day now! Any advice much appreciated!

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jdy123 Thu 14-Jan-21 20:40:21

Aw I feel your pain! 2.5 hours sleep is just awful isn't it and I've been having some of those nights recently.
In my position my DD (5 months) is put to sleep and after she wakes for feed at midnight she will not go back in her cot. She cries and wakes up straight away.
We've took to co sleeping even though we don't like it and I can't sleep with her next to me properly but I do get some sleep.
Her issue is she needs to learn to self settle I think and we're gonna look into some light training soon.
Hope you get some sleep soon!

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