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Claremum20 Wed 13-Jan-21 14:40:54

Hi I'm a first time mum.
I've been looking for someone to mind my baby in a home environment and have found a lovely lady that minds kids in her own home perfect in every way except she says that she puts the baby (about a year) into a stroller for day time naps in her kitchen each child in their own stroller supervised.
I'm happy that the baby would be fully supervised in the kitchen area and would be sleeping with noise and would possibly be more hygienic than sharing beds.
How would it other people feel about a baby/toddler having their daytime nap in a stroller like this? Childcare is so hard to find in my area and this woman is fully qualified etc.
The baby would be sleeping in a cot when they are home with me.
Would this be bad for the baby to sleep in a stroller?

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Blue2021 Wed 13-Jan-21 14:51:27

Personally I am fine with this for my DS. Our childminder does this. DS is 10 months and has a 30 mins nap at 11 and about an hour at 3.30. When we are in days off he naps in the pram if we are out and about so I am fine with this. She lays him flat and that was my main question (and supervised) xx

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