7 month old sleep schedule

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StrangerThings85 Wed 13-Jan-21 07:38:26


My little boy has transitioned to 2 naps a day but he's waking at about 5:30am, I'd love him to at least sleep until 6am. Any tips?

5:30am - Wake
7am - Bottle
8:15am - Breakfast
9:30am - Nap 1.5 hours
11am - Bottle
12:30pm - Lunch
2pm - Nap 1.5 hours
3:30pm - Bottle
5:30pm - Dinner
6pm - Bath, Bottle, Book
6:45-7pm - Bed

Do I need to shorten his morning nap? Thanks! x

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cosmikdebris Wed 13-Jan-21 10:17:21

my 7 month old has a similar routine! she'll have a bottle first ting, about 8.am, about half hour after waking up. and nap around 11am for about 40 minutes. her next nap if usually about 3 or 4pm for another 40 minutes and she'll go to sleep around 8pm. wake up at 11 for another bottle and go back to sleep until the morning.

at 6m she'd sleep at 8, wake up at 11pm and wake at 4am. shed have 3 hour long naps and since we encouraged more chill time in the day to replace the shortened naps shes been sleeping better at night. when she shows tiredness we'll chill on the sofa and read a book or sing a few songs quietly. i'd definitely give it a try! its been a blessing to have the extra couple hours sleep, its definitely worth putting up with an extra half an hour of groggy baby in the day in trade for better sleep!

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