6 month old screeching at bed time

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Esb2807 Tue 12-Jan-21 20:21:37

She drinks a full bottle and falls asleep in my arms. I lay her down in her cot and the screeching starts. She isnt upset or crying for me to pick her up. Just screeching and screaming at the top of her lungs for no apparent reason. She is sleep trained and during the day when she naps she will be put down and fall asleep on her own within 20 mins or so. But at night time she lays screaming for sometimes up to an hour and a half before falling asleep. Ive tried setting a timer for 10-15-20 mins and going in and rocking her. Its absolutely ear splitting. Im at my wits end, what on earth can i do???

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Esb2807 Sun 17-Jan-21 23:14:49


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RandomMess Sun 17-Jan-21 23:22:50

I would stop the sleep association of letting her fall asleep drinking. She is napping for a few minutes and then can't get straight back to sleep.

I can only assume that she is screeching in distress? If so stop leaving her distressed!!

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