13 month old sleeping terrible- HELP!

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Kate3150 Tue 12-Jan-21 10:17:15

My DS has been sleeping so poorly later and I feel absolutely shattered. I feel like I’m going into him all night. He’s breastfed still and more often than not I try and get him back off with a feed (he doesn’t really feed. I can tell he’s using me for comfort).
When he goes to sleep, I feed him and shush/Pat and he goes off okay. But multiple times during the night he wakes and is sat on his bum crying.
Do I need to do something or just ride this out?

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timeforanother1 Tue 12-Jan-21 10:31:01

Ahh you poor mummy, mine was exactly the same for the breast all through the night, sometimes every 1-2 hours. I often ended up sleeping with her on a (safe) mattress on the floor to be able to get some sleep myself.

You have reached past 1 year of bf well done!

I stopped bf at night at around 16 months as I was struggling with full time work and a baby and no sleep as it was only me the baby wanted not dp.

I don't know how you feel/ if you're ready but could you give last feed at bedtime and for night wakes just rock / pat / bottle / dummy / cuddle- anything so baby learns in the dark at night there's no boob?
Mine soon learnt although it was difficult at first as I know the magic boob would always comfort her.

Mine is 3 now and still wakes sometimes 2-3 times a night and I really think it's the pattern she was in as a baby.

If I had a second when they moved to their own room at 6-8 months, I think I'd stop any night boob and offer a bottle of bm instead... but who knows as every situation is different.

Good luck.

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