14 month old sleep/nap routine help

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Harvey19 Tue 12-Jan-21 07:54:52


My son has never been a brilliant sleeper it seems every “regression” hit us hard and sleep just never improved. For the past 5 days he has done well and has been sleeping 7.30-5.30 with no night wake ups (would love a 6 wake up but don’t want to push my luck)
I have had to cut his naps as I think this was encouraging night wakings before so he naps approx 9.20-10 and 1.15 - 2.45ish
He really doesn’t like me waking him from these naps especially the morning one. He just keeps going back to sleep on me so must still be tired but I don’t want to give him more nap time and him wake at night.

Last night he slept all night but has been awake since 4.30am hence this post this morning. I felt we were in a routine finally but now I’m not so sure.

Would going down to one nap a day help? Or is he to young? He hates being woken from his naps so must need them. Unsure on what to do so would love some advice!


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Harvey19 Tue 12-Jan-21 11:05:31

Would love to hear some other 14 months routines!

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GoodVibesOnlyPlease Sat 16-Jan-21 13:33:38

Hi you posted a few days a go now but hopefully you'll see this! I've got an almost 15 month old and we had just started trying only one nap a day.
So our routine goes something like this:
5.30 /6am wake up and milk
7am breakfast
Play after breakfast
9.30/10am snack
Play and distract as much as possible to keep him going.
11/11.30am he's usually starting to get tired and clumsy at this point so a light lunch then up for a nap.
He usually sleeps around 2 hours, sometimes more. So sort of the other half of lunch or a snack when he wakes up.
Usually a walk and lots of playing in the afternoon.
6pm dinner then straight after we go upstairs for bedtime routine and bed at 7pm.
It seems to be working well because we were getting to the point if the afternoon nap was too late 7pm was just too early for bedtime and I can deal with the early mornings if we get a few hours peace on a night!

Harvey19 Sun 17-Jan-21 08:21:10

Thanks for your reply @GoodVibesOnlyPlease

I did try going to one nap but if I went out for a walk between 9 and 10 he would fall straight to sleep so felt guilty taking the nap away, he also refused to go to bed that night as well. I guess with anything it takes time for them to adjust. I just don’t want to change anything and make things worse 😂 can’t cope with that lol

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Sandrine1982 Sun 17-Jan-21 13:09:17

Hi OP. We were in a similar situation around that age. I think around that time our DD started refusing her 2nd nap at nursery so I told them to do only one nap - which was around 12:30 there. It was really hard because DD would often wake up super early, like 5:45, and by the time she got to nursery she was knackered and had to last till 12:30. It was heartbreaking but I didn't see any other solution. We tried sticking to 2 naps at home but she started refusing the second one at home too. And logistically it was also getting very difficult to squeeze the 2 naps in because DD always does 2 cycles of sleep, ie 1h20min at least. So 2 naps was just a bit too much nap time. Now at almost 17 months I think we're finally in a happier place. DD still wakes up relatively early, but if she wakes up before 6am I try to leave her for a few minutes (like 15-20 min) before I intervene. She's become quite good at resettling, and in the last two weeks she's been doing 10h30min stretches at night alone without me and the boob!! I'm sure it will happen for you too- they just need a period if adjustment. I would say that for us, 14-15 months was that period. It also coincided with teething!! Could yours be teething too? That can be a reason for an early wake up in the morning and for naps...

Good luck x

Sandrine1982 Sun 17-Jan-21 13:18:17

Ps: our routine at 14 months (if I remember correctly)

6am - 6:30 wake up
7:30 breakfast (sometimes milk before)
8:30 - 11:30 playtime (with snack in between)
11:30 - 12:15 lunch + milk before nap
12:30 -14:30 nap (at home we would do nap an hour earlier, 11:00 - 13:30, and lunch afterwards)
14:30 - 17:00 playtime with snack
17:45 dinner
18:45 bath
19:15 book + bottle
19:30 -19:45 bed

tami2k Wed 03-Feb-21 01:12:48

I see this posted a while back but thought I'd msg as I have 14 month old fussy eater used to wake up at night many times. For me I would just feed my little one as and when through out the day to make sure his belly is full. I realised there was less awakenings. I have a routine similar to other parents above. Breakfast play nap ..
3 meals breakfast lunch and supper - just before he slept I would feed him porridge / something filling. It helped a lot. Now thank god he sleeps 6-8 hours. Occasional awakenings still but it took trail and error to get there and u will get there too x

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