Do you give water at night or no?

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MotherHaryy Mon 11-Jan-21 22:48:32

I'm trying to get my almost 7 month old to sleep though the night, she is currently waking about 3 - 9 times a night, and eventually I give in and she comes to co sleep.

This has to stop as I'm going back to work and will be working some night shifts. Each time she wakes up, she is looking for the boob as she is fully breastfed, I'm not convinced she's waking up as she's hungry, more just for comfort. She won't take a dummy so not sure what other options there are?

Would you recommend water when she wakes? Or just preserver and keep trying to sooth her without anything (this can take up to 4 hours). She can settle in the pushchair but don't really want her to get into that habit with my partner as it's too cold and not practical.

All advice welcome, Thank you 😊

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PearlescentIridescent Mon 11-Jan-21 22:51:36

People may advise differently but I would not be expecting a 7 month old to sleep through. My littlest is 11 months and still dream feeds 3 times a night. For a breastfed infant I think you would be better off feeding. I'd definitely not be trying to settle a 7 month old for four hours with no milk! It will pass and as they get older they will sleep longer smile

FTEngineerM Tue 12-Jan-21 02:57:42

I’ve just started something with our 7m old DS. Just found out we’re expecting again and I cannot bare him touching my nips to soothe, you know the massagey type suck eurghhhh.

So tonight I have started giving a dummy and he’s popped off back to sleep no probs. I know that part doesn’t help you but I’m just saying our experience because I don’t think he’s hungry. Well, he’s not if he’s asleep right now.

Try water for a few nights, up the calories in the day time though.

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