3 month sleep routine - any ideas/help

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LBB2020 Thu 14-Jan-21 22:26:30

That sounds pretty normal to me for a 3 month old! My second baby is 4 months and will have a feed when we go to bed around 10:30pm then wake once or twice during the night (our first slept through from 6 weeks but I think that is more unusual than a baby waking during the night!)

Peppery123 Mon 11-Jan-21 22:00:50


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Peppery123 Mon 11-Jan-21 21:19:17

This is my 3rd baby but seriously feels like my first sad my first dc didnt have any sleep routine, swaddles or anything. Had her very young n she was sleeping through from 1 month old!!! Sometimes think the simple times were better - no smartphones or apps where could ask advice.

Second dd born 10 years later. And slept the night from 3 months. Was a godsend. Again, didnt do much apart from use white noise apps

This baby....had such a hard time..spent a fortune on baby stuff i.e: Lovetoswaddle grobag, sleepyhead deluxe, separate ipad just to play white noise. A calpol plug in as she seems to have a stuffy nose.
She is 3 months and up so many times innthe night. Its so difficult.
I really want a routine but its so hard as shes not anneasy baby, i.e she sometimes will cry for ages and have no idea how to soothe her.
So her feedings all over the pkace. Trying to put her innthe crib for 8, with white noise dim lights. Will do a dream feed 10.30/11pm BUT Shes still getting up at 1am, then 4am then 6am.
This never happened with my 2 other dc and I just feel sobdown but guilty. I shouldnt be so ungrateful but we have been spoilt with first 2 dc and maybe both of us find this a shock!!

Please anyone advice or tipsnfor a 3 month old sleep routine
Am i doing something wrong.
Shes still going in her Lovetoswaddle grobag in the sleepyhead deluxe..should I try avoiding these?

Thanks in advance

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