Nearly 7 month old waking at 5am...whhhhhhy

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FippertyGibbett Tue 12-Jan-21 07:32:28

Can you keep him up until 8pm in the hope that it will make him sleep later ?
Mine never went to bed before 8pm.

helpamommyout Tue 12-Jan-21 07:30:06

My son does this every few weeks or so, it started after the clocks changes. I believe it's teeth though. It coincides with loose stools, irritable behaviour & we struggle to get him to go to sleep on his own. Only lasts a few nights and he goes back to normal which is usually 6-7. Hope it doesn't last for you x

Northernbeachbum Tue 12-Jan-21 06:52:24

Also been up since 5 everyday this week. I've just started going to bed at 8.30 to cope! Tried changing naps around, all sorts but I think it's a Phase!

Emmaaa1990 Tue 12-Jan-21 06:44:58

Oh no haha they are the worst! Keep this thread updated good luck ☺️

StrangerThings85 Mon 11-Jan-21 20:47:21

Thanks! I'll certainly give it a go, he had 2 naps today. Both about 1.5 hours long but didn't get to bed until 7:20pm due to an explosive nappy before his bath which ended up delaying things due to it going on the carpet grin

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Emmaaa1990 Mon 11-Jan-21 20:04:06

My baby started doing this she's now 8 months old and we have dropped her last nap so she now only has 2. 1 in the morning and one similar time to your little ones nap sometimes earlier. We found she was sleeping too much in the day. Not sure if that could be your problem? I would also maybe move bedtime slightly earlier. Our little girl used to go to eve 7-7.30 then she was really struggling so she now goes to be at 6 and usually wakes 6-6.30. So because she does a good night sleep the 2 naps seem to work. I'd try tweaking your routine slightly and seeing if that helps ☺️

StrangerThings85 Mon 11-Jan-21 14:10:49


My nearly 7 month old has started waking between 4 - 6am every morning for the past 2 weeks. I understand some babies are naturally early risers but he would often wake after 6am and I miss that. He hasn't needed a nightly feed since he was 13 weeks old, he's a bigger baby but that's because he's going to be tall (blame tall parents!). He's already in 12-18 month clothes shock

His day goes like this:
Early wake up - I try to leave him in his cot as close to 6am as I can before he starts wailing
7am - bottle
8am - breakfast
9am - 10:15am nap
11am - bottle
12pm - lunch
1:30pm - nap (this varies between 30mins to 2 hours)
After he wakes, bottle
4pm - depending on afternoon nap, I'll put him down for 30mins
5:30pm - dinner
6pm - bath, bottle, book
7pm - bed

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

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