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KateF1107 Mon 11-Jan-21 02:33:46

So we are on night 2, my daughter is 8 months old and we've moved her from hey Snuzpod to a cot in her own room as she got too big for the crib. She's EBF and was waking once in the night for a feed.
How long roughly does it take them to settle into their cot?
Night 1 she did 7pm-midnight then was up 2.15am-4.45am then slept till 7.15am.
Tonight is night 2 and she's up every 2 hours, I'm exhausted. I feel like giving up!

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EL1984 Mon 11-Jan-21 03:20:23

Following, we are doing this next week... 5 months old and outgrown the next to me.

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