When did your babies start to sleep earlier

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SassyPants87 Sun 10-Jan-21 21:47:10

My baby is 13 weeks old and she's really good at normally sleeping through (10/11) hours. The only issue is that she doesn't go to bed any earlier than 11/11.30pm! I've heard from a few friends that their babies just automatically started to fall asleep earlier themselves

I'd love to know if people have also had similar experiences and if I should stop fighting her for an earlier bedtime and just let it happen?

Starting to feel the effects of just having no time for myself or any sort of relationship with my husband that doesn't feel like we just co exist. I just want my evening back!

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peboh Sun 10-Jan-21 21:52:25

My dd didn't sleep 'early' until she was about 1 year old. I didn't mind, as I liked that but of child free morning time where I could get some chores done before we started the day. At 13 weeks you're only just coming out of the fourth trimester, I wouldn't worry too much about set routines and strict bedtimes until they're about 6 months if not later.

linerforlife Sun 10-Jan-21 22:00:14

It slowly moved from 11pm to 9pm around 4 months then to 7pm by six months.

Snowpaw Sun 10-Jan-21 22:03:40

Around 3 months I remember it started to drop down quickly from 11pm to about 9ish, then a while after that 7ish, then a blissful period of 6.30! I can’t remember the exact age though but 3 months seemed like a turning point. Then the 4 month regression hit wink

Pipperleen Sun 10-Jan-21 22:15:51

Mine is 15 weeks now and goes to bed at about 6.30 at the moment.
She suddenly became so grumpy at about 8 weeks in the evening so we tried putting her to proper bed with a routine rather than just a nap and that became bedtime within a couple of days.
Just waiting for the regression now...

Bleepers Mon 11-Jan-21 09:25:14

I think about 4 months or so. It was a gradual process but she's 14m now and goes down before 7 every night now. You will get there!

SassyPants87 Sat 16-Jan-21 22:51:57

Thanks everyone that's made me feel hopeful!

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yikesanotherbooboo Sat 16-Jan-21 22:55:24

DCs 1&2 went down early ( 7 ish) from the start.DC3 cluster fed in the evening and I couldn't seem to sort him out while dealing with his sibs so he never got into going to bed early .

greenemerald Sat 16-Jan-21 23:09:34

Mine started sleeping earlier from around 4 months too. But the earlier he will do is 8/9pm sad and most definitely does not sleep though yet at 9mo. sigh!

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