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effystonem Sun 10-Jan-21 09:14:23

I’m a FTM and my baby is currently 9.5 months.
I know I’ve got her into a really bad habit because I have to hold her arms for her to fall asleep. So she will have her dummy in, and I’ll lay her on the bed and I’ll be next to her. Then I have to gently hold her arms and she will fall asleep. What’s the best way to ease her out of this habit? Do I need to just go cold turkey?

She usually has her dinner around 6.30pm, and then she will go to sleep about an hour later. She will then wake around midnight/ 1am and I will give her a bottle. I don’t want to cut out this feed because she doesn’t treat drink much milk during the day but would it be better to give her a bottle before she goes to sleep and then hopefully she will sleep straight through the night?

I don’t have any bumpers on her cot. Recently, my baby has started to grab the bars in her sleep and then she will flip herself over and wake up crying. She likes grabbing things in her sleep. I’ve tried to leave a comforter next to her so that she will grab this instead and stay asleep but she always ends up grabbing the bars.

I feel like I’ve made loads of mistakes as a first time mother, and I’m to blame for all these bad habits my daughter has seemed to pick up. She honestly is such a good baby, and she never gives me any trouble. I just wish I had more support and more people to turn to for advice. Please help..

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