3 month old nap/feed routine issues

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R1versmum Sat 09-Jan-21 19:04:26

I am a first time mum to an 11 week old baby and i am looking for some advice/suggestions on how to tackle a nap and routine issue. Sorry for the long post, i havent a clue what i am doing!

From birth she happily slept in her moses basket in the living room for all her naps, however once she turned 4 weeks she would not nap in there. Every light or shadow would be a distraction for her, its like she couldnt turn off from the stimulation. I decided that maybe she needed to be in a dark room to stop her becoming over stimulated and overtired so i moved her up to her next to me crib in our room with the black out blinds down, white noise etc. However, she would not go down for a nap at all, she didnt want to be put down which is understandable at her age but she wouldnt nap on me either, i tried and tried but she would get hot. I battled for about a month picking her up and putting her down but she still wouldnt nap and became so overtired it was affecting her mood, feeding etc. The most i could ever get her to sleep was 45 minutes on the rare occasion and no amount of resettling would get her to continue.

After her 8 week vaccinations she was unwell and wanted just to sleep on me for the first time ever, so i popped her in a sling and kept her on me during the day for a couple of days whilst she recovered. She slept so well that when she was better she continued to nap in the sling for 1.5 to 2 hours at a time. However, even in the sling she would wake at 45 mins (one sleep cycle) and would require a lot of intervention to get her into the next cycle. Also the stimulation problem appeared again, she wouldnt sleep in the sling in the daylight or if the tv was on etc.

Now we are 3 weeks on and she is taking all her naps in the sling but i am having to stand (as she wont let me sit down) in the dark, with white noise on for 1.5hours 4 times a day. As much as i would do anything for my baby, this is getting to be unsustainable, i cant continue doing this. Does anyone have any advice how i can get her to nap in her next to me crib for longer than 45 minutes? For info, she is currently swaddled, pitch dark room, white noise.

The other issue is that we currently do a 3 hourly rough feeding schedule. So shes awake for 1-1.5 hours, then sleeps for approx 1.5 hours and i feed her when she wakes up (waiting for hunger cues first). This was working ok but she now doesnt appear hungry at 3 hours anymore and is just taking 1-3oz from the bottle. Im guessing she needs to move to 4 hourly feeds but i dont know how to do this with the napping situation. Does anyone have a 4 hourly routine they can share approriate for 3 month old?

Thanks in advance xx

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