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ShinyGreenElephant Sat 09-Jan-21 10:57:59

Hi, I'm planning to turn my 2yos cot into a bed today and implement a fantastic new routine tonight which will solve all our problems, just need some advice on what that will be!

So she has started the night in her own cot from about 9m old, fed to sleep then would cosleep from her first wake up and bf through the night. This worked great for a while. At about 18m I night weaned her and for a while she slept through about 50% of the time and the rest I could usually resettle her easily in her cot. However, when I had covid in November she coslept with me as I didnt have the energy to get up and down, and its ruined her sleep habits completely. Also, I'm 33 weeks pregnant and my supply has dropped to the point where she often can't feed to sleep any more. She will go to sleep if I get into the cot and lie with her for a while but I'm getting too big for that now and I cant do that with a newborn.

SO tonight we are starting a new routine in her new big girl bed. Any tips? Bedtime routine is currently bath, massage, pjs, story then boob with white noise on, if she doesnt go to sleep from that I lie with her until she does, whispering stories in her ear. Ideally I'm hoping to do the gradual retreat method so that by the time her little sis is born I just have to tuck her in and tell her I'm next door. Thought? Tips? Advice? Anything would help because I'm at my wits end at the moment!

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