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Wherethereshope Sat 09-Jan-21 05:13:46

Has it just started her waking at the sounds? How you respond to get is probably different dependant on of you are leaving her room after settling her or if she's heard you when going to bed .

If it's after you've already settled her I'd be tempted to say a reassuring phrase and keep going to see what happens. I spent many a night silently wearing at our squeaky floorboards so I know your pain! I'm not sure how it changed for us, but what I did start was always saying 'night night darling, love you lots' every time I left the room and if he stirred I'd say it again. Whether this helped I don't know, but I still do it now and he's 4

Wherethereshope Sat 09-Jan-21 05:06:34

Nice little self promotion there from Dana 😂

mumneedsshuteye Sat 09-Jan-21 02:38:36

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happymum24 Fri 08-Jan-21 22:34:59

DD is 19 months old and generally a very good sleeper but in the last month or so she’s been sitting up and won’t settle without one of us going in. This isn’t a huge problem but there are two issues
1) she seems to be a very light sleeper-when we come up to bed or get up to go to the loo in the night, it wakes her
2) we have the creakiest floors ever, so when we do settle her it’s almost impossible to get out of her room without waking her back up!
It’s driving us mad!
Was thinking a sleep aid/night light/noise/lullaby machine might help, but was worried it could distract her from sleeping? And do they reduce the quality of sleep? Looking for some wise words please!

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