Leap 9 or 13 month sleep regression hell

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Montgomerystubercles Fri 08-Jan-21 15:23:56

I don't think there are any solutions but some nice stories about how the Leap 10 hell only lasted a couple of weeks (rather than the 4 the ap is telling me) would be really welcome. DS has gone from sleeping fairly well between 7 - 7 with 2/3 quick wakes for a brief feed to being awake for several hours and/or stirring dramatically every 10 minutes and/or walking every 45 minutes. Last night he was restless until 01.30 so I hadn't managed to get to sleep, he was then awake until 0330, and woke every 45 minutes ish until 0820. After several weeks of this I'm struggling to be able to teach reception level maths to his sister confused Tell me how brilliant sleep was after this leap, please!

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rosehm Sat 06-Mar-21 22:28:19

Haha if only this thread has some replied. I’m in the same leap 9 hell right now and praying it gets better. What happened with your DS? Are you in leap 10 now? Oh god is it even worse??!!

Montgomerystubercles Mon 08-Mar-21 20:19:38

Ha, it did get better but it was a long one! I can't remember exactly how long, it is a blur of no sleep, lots of coffee and bastarding bloody phonics, but I think it was 3/4 weeks of lots of night wakings. I think we are just going into leap 10 now, he was restless last night and has already woken up dramatically this evening, after about an hour asleep. In between was back to his normal, no improvements yet, but I can cope with consistency so that's ok! Hope it doesn't last too long for you!

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goosious Sat 13-Mar-21 06:16:35

Would also love to know! Fully hitting the 10 month regression with not wanting to go to sleep at night, then waking 1-3 then just fully awake from 5.20 😫
It's also coincided with me going back to work so am running on fumes!
Any tips for getting through?

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