Where does your baby nap during the day?

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Luhou Fri 08-Jan-21 13:04:56

Hi all,

Just wondering where your babies sleep during the day?

My little girl is 10weeks, she is a great sleeper at night (at the moment anyway!) But of course still taking regular naps during the day, she settes next to me in her tutti bambini at night but absolutely hates the moses basket.

Her preference would be to fall asleep in her bouncy chair, which does lie flat but I worry about SIDs. Any ideas?


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Ginfilledcats Fri 08-Jan-21 13:10:10

My DD slept on me, in her bassinets from the pram, on her changing mat with a blanket underneath.

Any where I could put her down haha.

I wouldn't worry about SIDS as long as you're putting her on her back, on a flat surface and you're in the same room as her for naps.

We did start doing naps up in her next to me cot from about 4 months though with the monitor on and me checking and unnecessary amount of times

Luhou Fri 08-Jan-21 13:26:42

Thanks for your reply (first time mum and first time poster on mumsnet!)

Changing mat is an idea, might try that as I think she dislikes the moses basket so much because she can't see out if she stirs.

I am hoping that once she has less naps for a longer period and is a bit older I can take her upstairs but at the moment she sleeps for around 45mins abour 6x a day!

Thanks for the reassurance on the bouncy chair, my husband is off the same midnset that if it lays flat there isn't to much concern and as I said she only naps for arouns 45mins!

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happymummy12345 Fri 08-Jan-21 13:29:32

My son only ever slept upstairs in his crib then the cot, even in the day. We had a video monitor and checked on him regularly.
I never saw the need to have a baby sleep downstairs in the day. I understand it's important to have them in the same room at night when parents are asleep as well. But in the day I was awake so never worried about it. And I hate Moses baskets so I would never ever have or use one at all

Luhou Fri 08-Jan-21 14:57:40

Thanks Happymum12345, pleased this works for you and
I think that once my little one is older we will try do this but at the moment my husband is WFH upstairs and I am also concerned that she will get night and day confusion, feel like we have just started to understand that night time is for sleeping!

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