How to change babys rountine

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Caimsarch Fri 08-Jan-21 05:53:37

Hi guys,

Im new here so please bear with me.

My partner and I had our first child last Feb, he is now 11 months. Ive read multiple things online and most say he should be having 2 naps in the day time (which he does) and 10-12 hours at night.

At this moment in time we have gotten into a rut. Sometimes he wont go to bed until 12am and when he does he will wake up at some point in the night for milk and go straight back to bed until 10:30 am and with that late wakeup he wont have his nap till around 1pm-3pm which usually lasts 2 hours then after playing eating bathing etc. He will fall asleep without any soothing all by himself which is around 7-8pm. Weve tried to keep this his bed time but after a hour he just wakes up untill about 12am. He isnt a grumpy baby and lets your know when hes tired although he fights it sometimes but me and my partner are just unsure on how to change this routine we have going in at the moment. I know theres loads of methods online but i would really like peoples exeriences.

Just to add from 3-9months hes rountine was 7am wake up, 11am-1pm nap and bed time around 8pm. We are always back and forth (weekends etc) to nannys (where we used to live until he was 5months)

Please do not judge, i am just seeking advice from other parents that may have been in my position at one point.

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CatandBaby Fri 08-Jan-21 06:00:27

Hope you don't mind me following op - we're having similar issues.. we're trying to move bedtime forward by 20 mins a day, but she still goes to sleep at the same time 🤷‍♀️

Caimsarch Fri 08-Jan-21 06:26:23

We’ve tried doing this but little one seems to think this earlier badtime is a nap, when he wakes (an hour later) he is full of energy and just wants to play again.
Last night he went to bed at 10:30PM which is early for him at the moment however it doesn’t last. He woke up at 2:30AM and is still awake now at 6:25AM playing 😳

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