14 month old nightmares?

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sodaPop5 Thu 07-Jan-21 22:19:31

Every so often my 14 month old DS, who usually sleeps very well, will get into a complete state when going to bed. He'll half go to sleep but then seem to wake seconds later. He cries and writhes around like he is in pain or is having a very scary nightmare...or something - I'm not really sure. It can go on for hours.

I've noticed that it is quite often the evening after he has been with his childminder so I'm a little worried there might be something not right there.

Or maybe it is just a phase and I'm worried about nothing.

Anyone got any experience or advice on this?

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Marley20 Thu 07-Jan-21 22:35:57

Do you think it might be the change in routine when he goes to the childminders? Could be seperation anxiety. You mention it looks like pain, do you know when he eats/drinks at the childminders, is there anything he wouldn't have at home that could be unsettling him?

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