Bed guards or not?

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NotBehindTheRadiatorPlease Wed 06-Jan-21 16:59:23

Hi all. DD is almost 22 months and recently transitioned from a cot to a single bed due to reaching height limit for cot and attempting to climb out!

She's taken to it very well and slept through last night! However, I am quite paranoid about her rolling out onto the floor in the night. I did think about purchasing bed guards/rails, but I've heard that they can be potentially unsafe as the child can get wedged between the guard and the mattress.

I don't want that to happen of course, but I also don't want DD to hurt herself rolling out of bed! We currently have her old cot mattress and some pillows on the floor to cushion her fall if she did roll off.

Is this sufficient do you think? What did you do when your toddler first went into a single bed?

Thank you smile

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dementedpixie Wed 06-Jan-21 17:15:19

I've heard of people using those pool noodle things and putting them under the mattress at the side you would put a bed guard and it stops them rolling out

dementedpixie Wed 06-Jan-21 17:17:44

Sorry looks like it goes under the sheet, not the mattress

CrystalFlyer Wed 06-Jan-21 17:26:37

I have a bed guard with both my DDs. My 4 year old doesn’t stop moving, even in her sleep so would definitely be on the floor without it.

My 7 year old started in her bed with one, which we took away at around 4 but then she moved into the top bunk in bunk beds so we put a bed guard back on just to be safe.

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