Newborn straight into a cot?

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Mommabear20 Wed 06-Jan-21 07:23:31

When we had our DD we had her in Moses baskets for sleep, we had 1 upstairs and 1 downstairs so she could just nap whenever in the newborn stage and we'd have somewhere safe to put her down (we have 2 dogs that while lovely with her, can be very jumpy and bouncy). She lasted all of 3 months in them before she was too big. I'm currently 10 weeks pregnant with our second DC and we're considering just putting baby straight into a cot for night time sleep (still having the 1 basket downstairs). We don't see a problem with this but many people (our parents) have said it's a ridiculous idea and that baby has to be in a Moses basket, but can't explain to us why they think that.

Has anyone ever skipped the Moses basket and gone straight to the cot with their newborn?

Or does anyone know of a reason we shouldn't?

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Nancylovesthecock Wed 06-Jan-21 07:27:43

Erm, what on earth are the on about? Its fine!

For the first few months I moved the 1 moses basket up and downstairs with me to try to save space in the bedroom, but once they were too big for the basket I moved the cot into our room and used that until 6 months and a bouncer chair downstairs.

Sally7645 Wed 06-Jan-21 07:28:35

I've never had a Moses basket for either of mine. Both were in a next to me upstairs and napped in a big cot during the day (with a Purflo pillow thing for the first few weeks when tiny for the naps)

Although, we're in a split level flat so the nursery with main cot is same level as the living room etc which I guess nullified the need for somewhere to put the baby during the day. If we were in a standard house I think I'd just put the baby upstairs for naps with a video monitor on but suppose actually a Moses basket would be handy for the early weeks... I'm no help 🤣

Nancylovesthecock Wed 06-Jan-21 07:28:49

There is no safety reason baby can't sleep in a cot from day 1 as long as they are in the same room as you.

GlamGloria Wed 06-Jan-21 07:30:13

In my opinion baskets are for cats. Never understood putting a baby in one. Have you looked at bedside cribs like the snuzpod? Both of mine loved theirs as infants. You are right next to them without having the worry of them being in the bed with you, and they make night feeds so simple. Good luck with your new one!

emmaluggs Wed 06-Jan-21 07:31:34

We only had baskets downstairs. Upstairs we had a next to me crib attached to the bed was easier for resettling/feeds but I’d have no problem using a cot. In fact my 2nd was quite a light sleeper so for day sleeps I’d sometimes but him in his cot so he could rest away from noisy toddler. I realise this is against the safe sleep guidelines though

UnpropitiousNightmares Wed 06-Jan-21 07:38:51

My children are adults now but when they were babies I had a Moses basket in the sitting room for daytime maid but at night they slept in a cot next to my bed. I can't see what's so wrong with putting a newborn in a cot, mine was made up with sheets and blankets so their feet were at the foot of the cot so they couldn't wriggle down.


Whyistheteacold Wed 06-Jan-21 07:45:43

I have a moses basket downstairs for DD to nap in during the day, but since she was born she has slept in a normal cot at night time. I think it has helped her to distinguish between daytime naps and nighttime sleep (she normally sleeps 8 hours through the night) and it means that I won't need to get her used to going in the cot when we eventually move her into her own bedroom. I checked with the health visitor that this was fine before she was born, and she said as long as the cot is in the same room and you follow the guidelines (blankets tucked up to chest, only on back etc) this is fine.

FippertyGibbett Wed 06-Jan-21 07:49:28

No, baby can go straight in a cot.

SeasonFinale Wed 06-Jan-21 08:04:19

All of mine went straight into a cot from the first day we got home ( and whispers because it was a different time )- in their own room. However I realise that is not what guidance says these days. We could hear the baby literally murmer even though in the next room.

Hyvsvaar Wed 06-Jan-21 08:08:08

Had Moses basket for one -straight to cot for two and three

TeddyBeans Wed 06-Jan-21 08:10:37

DS went straight into a cot, couldn't be dealing with the extra expense of buying a basket he'd only be in for a short time. He made it to 2 years in the same cot. Much better value for money

Sillybilly35 Wed 06-Jan-21 08:12:27

My son was in his basket for only 2 weeks then into his cot. It was a waste of money in my opinion.

lemonsquashie Wed 06-Jan-21 08:20:39

The baskets really do only last a few weeks don't they

What about blanket/seeping bag for a newborn ? I'd be worried about that in a cot when they're really tiny but sleeping in a big open space

Mommabear20 Wed 06-Jan-21 08:25:44

Thank you all! I couldn't see an issue with it but then with pregnancy hormones going mad atm I started worrying that I was missing something obvious! 😂 I do love the idea of the next to be cots but one of our dogs is able to jump up onto the bed by herself and would most definitely try and sleep with baby 🤦‍♀️ so not a possibility in our house unfortunately. Our room is only small though so baby in the cot is always within arms reach

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ZooKeeper19 Wed 06-Jan-21 15:44:07

@Mommabear20 had my 1st in a IKEA cot next to my bed, will have my 2nd exactly the same. Works great, no extra things to buy/get rid of. We have 2 cats and they don't bother the baby but they like the cot (when it's free for them to use :-D ).

Mommabear20 Wed 06-Jan-21 15:50:04

Thanks 😊 we have an IKEA cot for DD and planned on getting same one for baby so they match when baby goes in with DD (live in 2 bed house atm but hoping to buy somewhere mid 2022).

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movingonup20 Wed 06-Jan-21 15:58:06

Of course it's fine. We just used the carrycot day and night, pushing it through (flat) do what works for you

Sairafina Thu 07-Jan-21 19:57:21

Apologies for hijiacking but I was going to start a thread asking this exact question which would be silly now!
I just have a follow up question, does the cot need to be right next to the bed or can it be a little further away? Ours is currently set up about 2 metres from the bed - should I move it closer or am I overthinking this?!

Inkpaperstars Mon 11-Jan-21 23:05:59


Apologies for hijiacking but I was going to start a thread asking this exact question which would be silly now!
I just have a follow up question, does the cot need to be right next to the bed or can it be a little further away? Ours is currently set up about 2 metres from the bed - should I move it closer or am I overthinking this?!

I’d like to know that too, I was planning to get a bedside crib but have just read today that sensor monitors might not work with anything too near the bed (less than 30cm for example) as they might pick up on adults moving. I would like to have a sensor but maybe if what I read was correct, that means having a cot further away from the bed! All so confusing!

saynotofondant Wed 20-Jan-21 14:39:04

I put mine in a cot straight away. I couldn’t see why it wouldn’t comply with the safe sleep guidelines.

I pulled the cot up right next to the bed and had the cot mattress on its highest setting, so we were sleeping on pretty much the same level. I could pat him through the bars :-)

Also... I figured it was an extra safety measure. I had to keep him upright for 20min after breastfeeding him (reflux) and a couple of times in the early weeks I found myself dropping off to sleep without having put him back in his cot (very scary when I jerked awake!) So I figured the bars would at least stop me from dropping him on the floor, or having him roll out of my bed, if it ever came to that! (It never did)

TallTowerFan Wed 20-Jan-21 14:43:22

We put our third baby straight into a cot. I had Moses baskets for the first two and it never occurred to me that a cot would be okay! It really is fine though.

As long as the cot is empty , and if you're using a blanket you tuck it in at the bottom and place baby feet to foot you're okay. No bumpers of course.

Buttercupcup Wed 20-Jan-21 14:43:53

I didn’t bother with Moses basket. Got gifted a next to me cot but didn’t use it attached to the bed used it with the sides up as a cot as couldn’t fit full cot in our room. At 7ish months baby went into their own room in a cot no problem. Used the carry cot on the pram downstairs for day naps.

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