12 month old nap drama - help/tips welcome

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MrsWeir1980 Tue 05-Jan-21 15:08:28

My son is nearly 13th months and since he was about 9 months he wont nap longer than 25-30 minutes in each nap. He used to nap 2 hours on me but since i got him napping in his cot he just wont sleep long.

His night sleep is great at the moment so no issues there, but i feel he can be a bit restless during the night if he doesnt nap well (sometimes he refuses a nap altogether).
I spoke to a sleep trainer who at 10 months was convinced he should go to 1 nap, i did try this but he was so grumpy and tired and even when he did have his 1 nap it only lasted 30 mins, i persevered with 1 nap for about 3 weeks with no improvement so i went back to 2 naps to make sure he would get an hour sleep a day instead of just 30 mins.

His current schedule is roughly
6.30-7.00 wake
9.20-9.30 nap
10.00 wake
13.00 in cot for nap (sometimes wont fall asleep until about 2.30, 30 mins nap)
6.30-7pm bedtime

Can someone give any advice or tips on ways to get him to sleep longer or if i should tweak his schedule?

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unknow01 Tue 05-Jan-21 15:15:37

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MrsWeir1980 Fri 08-Jan-21 18:47:48

Bumping back up to see if anyone has any advice

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larrythelizard Fri 08-Jan-21 18:55:07

I'm no expert but at that age DC only had a short power nap first thing, maybe 10/15mins at most.

He would then have lunch at 12.00ish and bed at 12.30 for 2/2.5hours at lunchtime and then bed 4 hours after whatever time he woke up (we worked on the concept of awake time not on the actual clock!

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