5month old day sleeps issues

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Mrsjay122 Tue 05-Jan-21 12:14:11

Hi smile

First time mum here, my 5 month old is q great night sleeper, put her in the side sleeper, give her the dummy and within 10mins shes asleep, however during the day she wont nap unless shes in my arms. She likes her bouncy chair and bassinet but just cant fall asleep in them, thats whether shes a bit tired or really tired. Am i doing something wrong? I dont have a problem holding her while she naps but i worry that when shes older this will be an issue xx

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MamaGSC Tue 05-Jan-21 16:36:15

Hello, have you tried these? My friend has just got one and says they're really good for daytime naps. Good luck! www.napnapuk.co

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