9 week old sleep - looking for advice or reassurance!

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Lizbear17 Mon 04-Jan-21 13:31:54

Hello everyone,

I have 9 week old DD who has generally slept fairly well at night if transferred to her crib asleep. She would do 2-3 hour stretches a couple of times a night in her crib (snuzpod with sleepyhead in). She would also sleep in the pram once she got used to it.

However for the past 2-3 weeks where and how she goes to sleep has become a real problem - she has been very inconsistent about sleeping in her crib and only wants to sleep on me or DH for naps and night sleep. Max time in crib in past 5 nights has been 2 hours on one occasion. She won’t go in the pram anymore either!

I have tried cosleeping but have found that I can’t sleep because I’m worried about squashing her and it’s also v uncomfortable. She sleeps fine like this though! Have been sleeping in shifts with DH but he goes back to work this week so is limited with how much time he can have her.

She won’t go down ‘drowsy but awake’ unfortunately. I’m aware about feeding to sleep/rocking to sleep becoming a potential problem in the future but I don’t mind at this age if she would transfer to crib so I could get a few hours myself. I’ve got the just chill mama sleep course ready for when she is old enough to break the fed to sleep association etc.

I am looking for advice about anything I can do to improve my own sleep really - how to get her back in the crib or to be better at cosleeping! Also how to get her back in the pram if poss (although have an ergobaby so happy to use this when out). If the advice is ‘just go with it’ which I have been trying to do, then just some reassurance that it will get better!

Thanks! X

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