Sleep/ routine all over the place...feel lost!

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YorkshireMum35 Mon 04-Jan-21 09:08:15

Hi everyone, this is my first ever post on here although I’ve read lots over the last few years. I’ve a 4yo and a 4 1/2 month old. I’m at a loss with my 4 month olds routine and sleep!

She’s always slept on me/ sling/ pram for naps and seems to be in a routine with time’s (that’s if she decides to sleep a decent amount for each nap- each day can be different) She’s awake for 90 min before a nap. Feeds every 3hrs 3-6oz just depends- currently trying to extend this feed time so she takes more. She naturally seemed to follow the EASY routine (but without the Y!)

We get her to sleep then transfer for bed. She cries if she’s laid down awake for sleep. She likes to suck when tired but can’t keep a dummy in, it just pops out! We have black out blinds and white noise (doesn’t seem to do much for her?) Same bedtime routine every night. Has 9oz of milk at bedtime usually, have to have her upright for 30min afterwards due to reflux.

1. She wakes up within 10/20min if I get her to sleep then transfer to cot. We can go through this process 2/3 times.
2. We start bedtime routine at 6.30pm (last nap is around 4 til 5 or 3-4 depending on how previous naps have been) and she’s not down in her cot properly until 9pm most night's due to the above.
3. Wakes for 1 night feed and can take up to 2hours to get her back to sleep.

Can anyone shed any light/ suggest anything/ words of wisdom/ let me know I’m not alone?! I feel like I’m at a loss. I’m really struggling. I know she needs to be napping in her cot but worried she won’t get enough daytime sleep. And why does bedtime take SO long?

Thank you in advance! Xx (Sorry for long post!)

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