5am struggle!

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AmieB Sun 03-Jan-21 11:03:27

Our 8 week old is a fab sleeper, goes down at 7:30pm, we feed him at 10pm when we go to bed, he then wakes around 2am and 4am for feeds which we are more than happy with for only 8 weeks old. However he always has his 4am feed, resettles in his crib and then wakes without fail at 5-5:30am every day. We've tried feeding him and he's not interested, use a dummy and he spits it out, we cuddle and put back countless times but he just cries and cries until we cave and bring him into the bed with us where he falls asleep STRAIGHT AWAY and sleeps until 7am. We don't mind him being in the bed with us but it's not a habit I want to form as we were very strict with our 2 year old and never had to co-sleep because of it. Any advice on what's going on and how we can get him to stay in his crib until morning? I began to accept that maybe 5am was his wake up but if we bring him into our bed he is soundo until 7am so don't think this is the case. Thank you

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