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SpacePug Sat 02-Jan-21 11:32:25

Have a look at super nanny, she does a thing with toddlers where the parent sits on the floor in child's bedroom, everytime they get out of bed put them back in. The first time say 'time for bed darling night night', the second time 'time for bed"
Then after that no sound or eye contact just put them back in their bed and walk back to the spot in the room. It can take hours sometimes or sometimes the child gets it quite fast. Have a look at her YouTube for better explanation, good luck. My 2yo still in a cot so I haven't faced this challenge yet

FATEdestiny Sat 02-Jan-21 11:19:43

Controlled crying isn't the tight approach for a toddler in a bed.

You want to do something called Silent Return. It basically means repeatedly putting back to bed at any infingment. Over and over and over again in a very repetitive and consistent way.

1sttimer18 Fri 01-Jan-21 19:36:44

Hey, first time using this so sorry if I get it all wrong. So we moved house at the beginning of Dec 2020 ) with our little boy who will be 3 in March. We have never really had issues with bedtime, he is usually a 7pm on the dot in bed asleep, no fuss type of toddler. This was until the move. Now I know being in a strange new house, with a bigger bedroom & loads of Xmas toys to play with (in the other house all his toys were not in his room) it is going to disrupt him but What is the best method to get our angel sleeper again!???
We did the controlled crying thing when he was a baby and it literally took 3 /4 nights and he cracked it, do we do this again!? Only my concern is this time round he’s not a baby in a cot that can only cry, he’s a toddler that can get out of bed and try opening his safety gate, which he has managed a few times, play with his toys, or stand there having a massive melt down. I don’t know, it just seems more of a battle, I’m actually battling with a human who can stand his ground. Does the controlled crying thing only work when they are certain ages!? or is there any other ways that would crack it! HELPP X

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