Help, from bed sharing to own cot

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Pops042020 Thu 31-Dec-20 07:44:42

My baby is 9 months old and from 7 months because I felt lonely I decided to put her in my bed and everything has got so bad since then I can't sit on my own sofa I have to sit on the floor with her or she screams, I can't leave a room it's got rediculous. At night she snuggles right up to me and rips clumps of my hair out just to go to sleep, so this last week I decided she had to go back into her own cot. Big surprise she's having none of it. Her cot is in my room I give her a bottle read her a story and put her down with her dummy she then screams rolls over and stands up then stands laughing and babbling so I get up lie her down and this happens over and over for about 15 mins where then shes just stood up screaming hysterically I give in and put her in my bed. I understand I have made this problem myself but do anyone have any advice as neither of us are getting much sleep as we're waking each other up whilst turning over at night .

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FATEdestiny Thu 31-Dec-20 10:36:29

You could take one side off the cot, so that it's an extension of your bed space. Then you can snuggle in the cot to get her to sleep but extract yourself afterwards.

Pops042020 Thu 31-Dec-20 11:32:28

That's actually a good idea, thank you x

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