1 year old waking up during night

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casey19 Thu 31-Dec-20 00:41:38

Hello. My my Little boy who's 13 months was a great sleeper until he turned 10 months old he started waking up during the night sometimes 3/4 but most days it's 2, we have tried absolutely everything we can think of. We've tried giving him a bottle ( sometimes this works sometimes he still wakes up again) he has a lot of food through out the day, water and bottle for bed so I know he's not hungry. We've tried a warmer sleeping bag because his room does get pretty cold at night. He has rain sounds on all night because he can't and will not fall asleep without them he's been like that since day one. He doesn't have a set routine anymore because when he started waking up at 3/4/5 in the morning and staying up as if it was morning time it was almost impossible to have the same routine all the time. He almost always has a 2/3 hour nap in morning/ after noon. He also sleeps on his belly because he can't settle on his back due to having bad reflux when he was a baby. Any advice on what I can try next even if you think it's silly would be so appreciated. Thank you

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FATEdestiny Thu 31-Dec-20 10:33:17

When he wakes in the night what happens to get him back to sleep?

When he first goes to sleep at bedtime and naptime, how does he go from being awake to asleep?

casey19 Thu 31-Dec-20 11:49:48

We usually have to give him a bottle and occasionally we have to take him a drive for 20/40 minutes. He's sometimes grumpy during the day but only when he gets tired he goes to sleep fine during the day usually first time! He wakes up crying in the night sometimes screaming, but during the day and in morning he usually wakes up without crying. Hope that makes sense

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FATEdestiny Thu 31-Dec-20 13:22:57

When you say he usually goes to sleep first time, what do you mean?

Does he fall asleep having his bottle then you put him down already asleep?

Hellothere19999 Thu 31-Dec-20 13:27:15

I am not an expert but I do believe it is developmental, my daughter wakes when she is working on something like walking etc and I think it is that their brain wants to practice. I find what often works is leaving her in the cot to watch something while I snooze, then a quick walk outside or to the kitchen and have some food (a change of scenery) seems to make her realise she’s actually tired and it’s 5am lol. Hope that helps xx

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