4 year old won’t sleep in his own bed or room....tried everything

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Sammiwilko Thu 31-Dec-20 00:14:51

How can I get my 4 year old to stay in his own bed. Tried everything, new bed, staying there till he’s asleep but he still wakes up then comes in mine, reading to him, talking to him, telling him he’s a big boy now with his big boy bed, telling him Santa says he’s a big boy now.

Honestly running out of ideas and I need him to go in his own bed now. Have a 2 month old and don’t want him in my room

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FATEdestiny Thu 31-Dec-20 00:19:47

It will come down to consistantly taking him back to bed and never giving him. Have you tried just repeatedly taking him back over and over and over again?

mswales Thu 31-Dec-20 00:21:25

Have a read of the advice from this excellent sleep therapist: andreagrace.co.uk/adviceopedia/good-sleep-for-nursery-and-school-aged-children/
Key bit for you is this bit:
It is most important that your child learns to go to sleep, without having you in the room. If you stay beside them as they fall asleep, they will inevitably wake up during the night and search for you. Kiss goodnight and then GO!

If you are used to sitting with your child until sleep comes, you can expect lots of protest and a much longer settling period than you are used to. You will need to keep on briefly returning to them to quickly reassure them. Children love things to be familiar and predictable, and when you change their normal settling routine, it will inevitably be stressful for them. Bear this in mind when they struggle to get off to sleep alone. If you are able to be resolved, loving and consistent, the process of your withdrawal will not take longer than a couple of nights.[See my article on reclaiming your bed.]

Uggmugg Thu 31-Dec-20 00:22:02

Have you tried the gro clock? That helped us. Also constantly just taking them back through when they come in. Eventually gets the message through repetition

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