What the hells gone wrong

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mummaB89 Wed 30-Dec-20 19:32:59

For 10 months my baby has been a dream at bed time, give it take a few nights here and there. The last 3 weeks she has breaks her heart if we put her in the cot. To prevent the tears we settled her in our bed. Now even that doesn't work. She just cries. Any advice very welcome. One very tired drained mumma here

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Buggysleeper Wed 30-Dec-20 19:55:46

Really feel for you. We had exactly this around 10m, did whatever we could to get our little girl to sleep. We ended up taking her out in the buggy every night then transferring her to the cot. Then that stopped working. Bedtime became terrible and got later and later. We ended up sleep training (again). She would get really really worked up at bedtime, absolutely inconsolable, but we persevered. It took about 5 days. She is going down fine now, usually without a peep. We had nearly 2 months of crap bedtimes, and were totally exhausted. I think it’s separation. Good luck. We went from do whatever she needs to get her to sleep, to we need to get a handle on the situation because we need sleep!

FATEdestiny Wed 30-Dec-20 20:34:40

What is she doing when put in the cot? Is she pulling to standing?

Before it all went pear-shaped how was she getting to sleep?

mummaB89 Mon 04-Jan-21 04:04:58

@FATEdestiny so before it went tits up I'd put her in the cot awake and she'd lay and chat to herself then go to sleep no problems. Now if I put her in the cot she's inconsolable. Screams the house down. Sits up and tries to stand

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stopchewingeverything Mon 04-Jan-21 04:07:15

What is her daytime sleep like? It could be that she needs a bit of time cut off her last nap of the day.

mummaB89 Mon 04-Jan-21 04:08:50

I'm lucky if she has one at the moment. She fights it so much

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Guineapigbridge Mon 04-Jan-21 04:23:54

Try a mobile above her cot to distract her? Or a blanky/juggle/special toy?


YorkshireMum35 Mon 04-Jan-21 09:47:25

They usually go through separation anxiety at this age- realise that you’ve gone. I’d go in, reassure/ calm her by putting your hand on her and calming words, then leave. Repeat this with a slightly bigger time between each visit. Takes a few nights but does work. Or you could do in the room techniques where you slowly retreat from the cot. Whatever you’re comfortable with. Good luck! X

YorkshireMum35 Mon 04-Jan-21 09:48:33

Oh and a comforter/ small teddy of some sort might help. X

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