Sleep deprivation

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Taxojax Wed 30-Dec-20 13:50:33

My LO is 15 months and recently I've felt so tired and even exhausted sometimes. I find myself struggling to keep my eyes open and they sometimes get crusted up because they're tired and sore. If I sit on the sofa I feel like I'm sinking into it and that I may accidently pass out. I am waiting for a doctors appointment as I'm very concerned as to why this is happening, but for now, has anyone got any tips for handling this extreme tiredness with a toddler please? I get some people are happy to nap on the couch while their little one is awake, no disrespect but I just couldn't do that intentionally. But any other advice I would wholeheartedly appreciate to get me through the next week until my appointment.

Note: I have a fairly safe home, stairgates, cupboards locked with magnets and electrical socket covers just to name a few. So if I did accidently fall asleep on the sofa I dont think LO could be easily in danger. Though I'm asking for help to avoid this blush

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BackforGood Wed 30-Dec-20 15:17:13

Does your dp WOTH ?
But, even if he does, presumably that is only for 8 hours a day or so.
Is there a reason you can't catch up on sleep when he is there ?

Taxojax Wed 30-Dec-20 16:52:33

Hi, yes he does. He is a Senior HCA so he works 12,5 hour shifts, he gets up with her in the morning and gets her breakfast before he leaves at 7.30, but doesn't return home until 9pm unfortunately. I usually am okay, but just suddenly have been getting really drowsy.

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Taxojax Wed 30-Dec-20 16:54:31

I'm not sure what WOTH stands for, but I assumed it meant work. Sorry if I misunderstood.

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Ohalrightthen Wed 30-Dec-20 16:59:52

How much sleep are you getting, and how much exercise? What's your diet like?

Fatigue and drowsiness can be warning signs - maybe see your doctor.

FATEdestiny Wed 30-Dec-20 17:16:38

I know it's obvious, but go to bed when baby does. Certainly in the evening but also consider splitting your day with a lunchtime nap (in bed, with an eye mask on).

I get that DH isn't home until 9pm but I assume if he's doing 12h shirts then he's doing a 4 on 4 off shift pattern? So for the sake of your wellbeing, save your together time for his days off.

(WOTH = Work Out The Home, ie not working from home)

Taxojax Wed 30-Dec-20 17:41:22

So my sleeping could be better blush, but its been like this for months and I was initially fine. So I'm not sure about whether it's solely that or its just contributing. Today she had a shorter nap than usual (1hr today though usually 2) and I slept for 45 minutes of it. Still didn't feel like enough but I've managed I guess so far. It helps that my LO is a calm little soul and will happily watch Hey Duggee and play with her puzzles for an hour while i lay on the sofa if I get desperate. DP is currently on a mad rota with no structure, he did 6 days (2 half days) 2 weeks ago and it was madness for my LOs routines. confused He is about to have 2 days off though and will let me rest. Im concerned about the 4 days on after that confused I forgot to mention I'm also a student, which probably doesn't help sad

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Taxojax Wed 30-Dec-20 17:46:18

Sorry, I forgot to mention my diet. It's very good, I'm on slimming world and eat tonnes of Veg and have a good relationship with food nowadays.

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BackforGood Wed 30-Dec-20 20:05:06

Apologies, yes - WOTH = Working outside the home, as opposed to wfh = working from home, or SAHP = Stay at home parent).

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