10 month old sleep help!

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Lcw29 Wed 30-Dec-20 08:02:58

My son still wakes at night for a bottle. Which I dont mind but the issue is that he sometimes wakes or stirs at other times in the night and wint go back down on his own. I have to put his dummy back in. He never goes to sleep in his own. He is usually held until he drifts off with a dummy. He wakes at around 5 am. Unfortunately I cant avoid this as he shares a room with his 3 year old brother who is also an early riser.

Can I sleep train at 10 months? If so how do you do it with boys that share a room? Who goes to bed first etc....

I'm so tired....

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FATEdestiny Wed 30-Dec-20 10:52:50

Sounds like he needs teaching to do his own dummy.

Firstly look at how you give him the dummy in the first place (ie during the day and at bedtime). Never put the dummy into his mouth for him and work towards never even handing him the dummy. The idea is he learns to look for, find, pick up dummy and then it the right way around and put it him all independently.

Depending on your start point, this will involve a process of learning:

- put dummy in his hand, for him to put in mouth
- put dummy in his hand the wrong way round (holding the teat in his fist) so he has to turn over to put in mouth
- put dummy on cot/floor near his hand so he has to pick it up to put I
- put dummy on floor/cot in eyeline but so he has to reach for it
- put dummy on floor/cot just out of eyeline and play "where's dummy" to search for it.

The ultimate aim is that at bedtime you scatter several dummies in the cot and he does the rest himself.

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