Anyone else’s toddler sleep sat up?

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CreamFirstThenJamOnTop Sun 27-Dec-20 13:23:28

DS is 18 months and thankfully he has been sleeping through the majority of the time since 11 months.... unless poorly etc.

This week he has started sitting up to sleep! He’ll lie down initially then get cross and sit himself up, then stay like that. We’ve started calling him a Weeble as he’ll wobble about a bit but just stays like that fast asleep. A couple of nights ago he was sat up ALL night, it was so weird.

I’ve popped up once or twice to try lying him back down when he’s asleep but he got cross, so now I’m leaving him as he’s happy enough. But it’s just so weird and looks so uncomfortable.

Anyone else’s child do this?!

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Rose84sr Thu 08-Jul-21 21:57:41

Hi, I know you wrote this a while ago, but my 14 month old is currently doing the same! How did it pan out for you in the end? X

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