Baby wakes up as soon as we go to bed

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Hothammock Sun 27-Dec-20 09:36:45

It's definitely worth a try, hope it works and you both get some much needed sleep!!

hanmumof2 Sun 27-Dec-20 09:23:39

Ok we'll give that a go at the weekend when we can move stuff around together. Will let you know how it goes!

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Hothammock Sun 27-Dec-20 04:15:49

I would start moving him into another room. Your 7 year old probably won't be disturbed at all by the snuffling. You might even find it helps get him through the night.

hanmumof2 Sun 27-Dec-20 03:48:32

He unfortunately won't have his own room, he'll be sharing with our 7 year old son. Our 7 year old is an amazing sleeper, sleeps through anything though. I wonder if it'll help if he went in there now as we were waiting till he goes through the night hmm

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lockdownpregnancy Sat 26-Dec-20 21:50:06

Now he is 9 months old, have you considered transitioning your baby into the nursery? That way you won't disturb him when you come to bed.
You can also feed him in his nursery too, to save disturbing the partner that is asleep?

hanmumof2 Sat 26-Dec-20 21:45:10

Our almost 9 month old has started waking as soon as we take one step into our bedroom to go to bed at night. It doesn't matter what time it is, early night, late night. He's a good sleeper to begin with, goes down about 6:30 on his own after a bottle but is so restless in his cot once we're in bed. He'll be rolling about, making noise, snuffling about and we can't sleep, my husband especially. He still has a night bottle and even this doesn't settle him completely.
Has anyone else had this problem?

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