The joys of a non sleeper

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Favouriteworstnightmare Thu 24-Dec-20 22:11:41

Pfft. It’s bloody hard work isn’t. Can’t remember the last time we a) slept through the night & b) felt refreshed.

Our nearly 9 year old is still awake. Hopes of raising a glass of baileys with my husband well and truely diminished now.

Fed up, exasperated, not a clue what to do next.

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SpudsandGravy Thu 24-Dec-20 22:59:32

I've got into bad sleep habits and I'm trying an app called Pzizz. It seems to work quite well. Worth a try maybe? flowers

FTEngineerM Thu 24-Dec-20 23:01:25

Oh my god I came here hoping to share some joy that this lack of sleep would end soon. BUT 9 years old, what?! Does this never end?

I’m awake with 6m old that never fekking sleeps, ever, period. I was hoping he might grow out of it but it seems maybe not?

Favouriteworstnightmare Thu 24-Dec-20 23:59:52

Ah sorry guys, I’m sure it’s just a phase but on top of what 2020 has thrown at us I’m perhaps feeling more emotional than ever. Thanks for the app, I’ll take a look!

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