Cot to bed transition

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Lullaby88 Thu 24-Dec-20 20:15:00

Hi we are looking to transition my just turned 3 year old from a cotbed to a bed. Can anyone give us ideas on what type og bed to get/mattress? We are so confused? First we were going to buy a toddler bed with side rails.. but someone said just buy a single bed and a normal matress and put side guards up. Im so confused. Please help..

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dementedpixie Thu 24-Dec-20 20:17:20

We went to a single bed with a bed guard with both kids

angelopal Thu 24-Dec-20 20:20:07

We had a cot bed that we converted but it didn't have a guard rail. He did fall out the first night but was fine after that.

Unless they are a real wriggler or the bed is really high then you probably don't need rails.

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