2 year sleep regression?! God no!!

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spottygymbag Thu 24-Dec-20 04:01:43

Oh god. We had a 2year regression. It was awful. She went from being pretty good at going down with a couple of call outs to full blown tantrums that got worse as she got more tired over the 2-3 hours bedtime ended up taking. It scarred me for life!
We did CC in the end (again, we had to do this at 1yr as well). Because she was becoming so overtired.
She still needed her nap but I would wake her at 2.30 and definitely never let her go past 3pm or it was a recipe for disaster.
I found bringing the evening routine forward and sticking pretty rigidly to it helped.
Dinner at 4.45 (otherwise she would be too tired to to eat then was waking hungry in the night)
Bath and pj's straight after then some quiet play. I found having something set up to engage her worked well. Duplo, drawing etc. then books at 6.30, bedtime at 6.45. This ended up getting her to sleep 7-7.30pm (we are early risers).
Days when I didn't keep the scheduled chugging along rapidly fell apart and would end in overtired tantrums and a worse sleep overall for her.

Morechocmorechoc Thu 24-Dec-20 03:52:37

Like everything, it passes.

NotBehindTheRadiatorPlease Thu 24-Dec-20 03:43:40

My 21 month old is doing this too. It's been going on for weeks 😭

CoffeeCheeseandCupcakes Wed 23-Dec-20 14:57:24

Thanks @livingbreathingcoffee
He was a terrible sleeper until about 1yr when we finally did CC, and he's been pretty good since. But now it's like he's forgotten he can go to sleep himself (or with us...)

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livingbreathingcoffee Wed 23-Dec-20 14:49:01

Is he getting his molars or anything? I tend to give nurofen before bed if i suspect teeth might be bothering him.

Too hot/cold/scared of the dark? I'm really not sure, I have no experience as he's my first. Really hope it improves for you soon though!

CoffeeCheeseandCupcakes Wed 23-Dec-20 14:45:03

We woke him at 2:30 today, see if that helps. But he's so exhausted from being up all night, it seems counterproductive to wake him and him be even more cranky. But not sure how else to try and reset him...

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livingbreathingcoffee Wed 23-Dec-20 14:42:07

Oh I really hope this isn't a thing, we have a (currently good sleeper) 21 month old and I'd hate to think this was round the corner! It's the worst being up all night. Could you try shortening the nap maybe?


CoffeeCheeseandCupcakes Wed 23-Dec-20 14:38:24

DS, 23mo, has spent the last 3 nights up for HOURS. Talking WIDE AWAKE. Last night was 11pm-4am. Nothing would get him back to sleep.

Please tell me this won't last long?? Anything I can do to help? He usually wakes about 7am, naps 12:30/1pm-3pm, then goes down about 7pm. Is it time to cut his naps down? Though we usually have to wake him even at 3pm and still seems exhausted

Someone help me! sad

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