Anxiety and Sleep

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anydaynow Wed 23-Dec-20 11:08:33

Have anyone's else's DCs sleep deteriorated over the course of this pandemic? My 9 year old DS seems to be struggling with anxiety and is up and down all night. Only sleeping soundly when if he's on a mattress next to my bed and even then he calls out for me. This is causing havoc with DPs sleep who has a manual job that's starts early. I sometimes just sleep in DSs room but this isn't ideal either. Does anyone have any tips? DP wants to administer something like Kalms but they all say for over 16yrs.
The lack of sleep is making him more stressed and therefore more anxious and therefore less able to sleep. Vicious circle confused. I'm thinking one of this projector lights for his room might be quite calming so if anyone can recommend one that would be great... there's so many ranging from £10 to £50+.

ANY wisdoms welcome at this point because it's causing friction for all parties. I would just have a mattress by my bed indefinitely but that really doesn't work for DP who is a light sleeper.

Thank you!! smile

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Closet23 Wed 23-Dec-20 11:13:11

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