19 month old waking 4:30 every day

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indi80 Wed 23-Dec-20 06:31:30

Hi, i am looking for some advice please. For the last month my 19mth old wakes at 4/4:30am , he is clearly tired, he screams to be picked up then happily snoozes in my arms till 6am when he gets up. He doesn’t sleep deep enough to transfer back to bed, he wakes instantly. I also have a toddler so I can’t do cry it out and it’s also not that far off a respectable wake up time. If he would wait until 5:30/6 I would be a happy mum. He naps during the day at nursery, normally late morning (because of the early start). He is also no bother going to bed, falls asleep as soon as we sit for a story. Bed time is just after 6pm. If anyone has any advice or can tell me this is temporary I’d appreciate it!

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