4yr boy sleep issue please help

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Sleepdan2016 Wed 23-Dec-20 01:00:08

FAMILY LOCKDOWN TIPS & IDEAS I’m posting because I am desperate. I have a 1yr and 4yr. The 4yr is waking 3-4 times a night not really crying not but shouting and mumbling. Sometime aware sometimes not. Mostly saying he is sad. It can go on for 15-20 minutes. We have tried tracking food, calming music, no tv, leaving him it just escalates. He has a strong bedtime routine he has never got out of bed in the night. Goes to bed awake and happily falls asleep. I’m don’t know what to do he shouts and says his sad but doesn’t know why. In the morning he will say sorry for shouting. He is a happy boy and eats healthy and is active.
I’m so lost, I tried telling him off, hugging him, comforting him. It has gone I. For months. I can’t identify the trigger or the cue. Any help please.

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jessstan1 Wed 23-Dec-20 02:06:35

It sounds as though he is dreaming in which is not unusual to be half awake and half asleep. Children's dreams are often extremely vivid and sometimes unpleasant which is why he calls out that he's sad.

There's no point in telling him off, or stopping him watching TV, he can't help it. This is a phase which will pass. Perhaps he would feel more secure and comforted to be in your room for a while.

Poor little lad. When you next take him for a check up, ask your GP's advice though it may have stopped by then. However I'd be wary of him being prescribed medication, especially as you say it is only for 15-20minutes, once a night.

Some of what you have said about your son is described here:

(What is 'tracking food'?)

Sleepdan2016 Wed 23-Dec-20 07:28:29

Thank you. It is normally 2/3 times a night
Tracking food means I kept a food diary to see if what he was eating before bed made a difference. It didn’t.

We have tried ovaltine at night and various other things which haven’t worked

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Dontforgetyourbrolly Wed 23-Dec-20 07:32:17

My son started this at 4 ....and is still coming in to me at 6 ! I've gone through phases having a battle to get him to stay in his own bed but we both end up exhausted. I'm a single parent though with a massive bed it's no issue for me . I hope he grows out of it soon !
He does still have the crying but asleep episodes when he stays in his own bed

WoolieLiberal Tue 29-Dec-20 19:58:12

Could he be waking up because he needs the toilet?

Assuming he’s not still in night nappies (mine were at 4 so not judging) certain
Sweeteners found in low sugar cordials can irritate the bladder and cause children to wake up even if their bladder isn’t full, (or cause accidents in deeper sleepers).

Have you checked the ingredients in the Ovaltine? It might be worth sticking to water and milk only in the evenings and seeing if that helps.

Good luck x

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