3 month old sleep at night

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Ek3009 Tue 22-Dec-20 16:59:50

My 3 month old goes down to sleep about 7:30pm every night and she sleeps really soundly. That is her until around 2am usually when she wakes for a feed.

She feeds quite fast and can be fed and back in her cot within 20 minutes (she always takes a bottle quickly) but this is when it all goes a bit crazy. She wriggles about and thrashes about the cot like a crazy baby! She brings up wind before I put her down and I keep her upright for about 10 mins before putting her back so I don’t think it’s wind.

She’s still asleep but Iv tried picking her up and winding her etc but nothing comes up. The problem is I can’t settle myself and she is so noisy. Is anyone else’s baby like this or does anyone have any idea of what it could be and how to get her back into a deeper sleep?


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