How does it end?

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ml01omm Tue 22-Dec-20 14:28:51

Currently in the throes of the 4 month sleep regression. I think its been 3 weeks? So tired I can't remember!

In your experience - how did it end?

a) gradually got better over a few weeks
b)fairly suddenly - baby just 'got it' and started sleeping for 3/4/5 hrs again.
c) It never did and you had to sleep train at 6 months?

Just wondering what most peoples experience was, as it feels like no end in sight at the moment.

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ForChristsSake Tue 22-Dec-20 14:29:44

If you can follow a routine it will really help baby, it does take them a while to get over this regression

PunchyAnts Tue 22-Dec-20 14:42:41

Our experience was b. Lasted for a few weeks and it was awful and felt never-ending. And then just got better within a few days. Stick to your guns with the routine (even if there's so little payoff that it hardly feels worth your while).

Take care of yourself as best you can. Things are hard enough at the moment but everything is worse with no sleep.

alwaysmarmiteontoast Tue 22-Dec-20 18:37:01

C; it started about 13.5 weeks and no improvement at all by 6 months hmm.

ELM8 Tue 22-Dec-20 22:26:15

Hang in there.. it will pass!!

Ours was definitely b - had that with all the regressions actually. Seemed to gradually get worse, went to absolute shit for what felt like forever (realistically probably a few weeks), then one night BAM stopped waking up as much!

Good luck smile

Popgoesthebubble Thu 24-Dec-20 00:19:32

Gradually got better, but then teething and other regressions knocked it back down again, repeat, repeat until one day you realise its been better for a good while.

Honestly though it took until 3 for my first to get back to they level of sleep before the 4mn regression, but it didn't always stay as bad as during the regression if that makes sense.

reeny19 Sat 26-Dec-20 21:29:55

C, but worse for me. It never got better and I kept hoping it would.
At 14 months I eventually got fed up did a bit of sleep training and he slept through the night for the first time ever (previously had been up every 2 hours or more frequent)
Steadily got better with a few hiccups here and there, now he sleeps through most nights 🤞 and I can put him in awake and he goes to sleep - I never thought that would happen until he was verbal!
Hang in there. It’s long, but I’ve more or less forgotten the trauma now (currently 17months old). Hopefully yours will sort out sooner and you won’t have to wait until 14 months, I think I had a particularly bad sleeper though, or it was me not knowing what I was doing. Possibly a bit of both!


BendingSpoons Sat 26-Dec-20 21:38:16

DC1 - A
DC2 - D, bad sleeper until about 11m. Very gentle sleep training from 9m ish and sleeping well by 12m.

Anna783426 Sat 26-Dec-20 21:49:22

B for us I think, I remember holding my 4 month old who was exhausted but just could not figure out how to sleep. It was truly shit for a week or so, slightly shit for another week and then improved a lot, until the next bout of teething/sleep regression. The 9 month was worse for us, so far, at least!

Happyhappyday Mon 28-Dec-20 02:45:09

A for us, regression happened and the baby who had been sleeping 8-10 hours for a few weeks suddenly woke up 4 times. I’d always fed her immediately so I did that for the first two nights and then we both agreed there was no way she was suddenly needing more feeding than she did when she was a newborn so I stopped feeding her. We let her wiggle to herself if she wasn’t upset and if she was, counted to 30 and then DH would shush her and then I would feed her if that didn’t work. Can’t remember how long the whole thing was but it started after Christmas and had totally resolved by Jan 23rd when we moved abroad

PeacefulInTheDeep Mon 28-Dec-20 03:59:36

DC1 - A.
DC2 - C. Gentle sleep training at 6 months. Before that her lack of sleep was having a negative impact on the whole family, and the situation was not sustainable.

PippinStar Mon 28-Dec-20 04:03:27

I think it just got better within a couple of weeks, and he was a good sleeper after that. Until the 2-year sleep regression which is happening now. We’re 6 weeks in and no end in sight. And we’re waiting for DC2 to enter the 4-month regression so that should be fun! I hope things settle for you very soon.

santabaybee Mon 28-Dec-20 04:11:36

My first son took 3 years to sleep. Once in a while he did a B and we thought yay we have cracked it. Then the next night he would be ill or teeth or change naps or something. No amount of training would have worked for him! Second baby freaked me out for nearly 2 years that he would be awake and not crying, first kid always woke up screaming.
The biggest issue was everyone judges how well you are doing as a parent by how mu h they sleep. My very old neighbor said the brightest babies sleep the worst and babies aren't meant to sleep for long periods

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