She slept through the night (somewhat in shock)

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Circumlocutious Tue 22-Dec-20 06:57:01

Just woken up very confused, having had a full and unbroken night’s sleep for the first time DD (22 months) was born. Checked and she wasn’t in the bed with us (DH often brings her in during the night). Go to her room, and there she is, still snoozing away in her cot. She went to sleep at 7pm.

It’s a bit of a shock because this is the baby that I did absolutely everything wrong. Bedshared with pretty constantly for the first 18 months of her life, used her bedside crib as towel storage (she screamed hysterically if I tried to put here there), napped with her or held her in my arms while she napped, zero attempt at sleep training, breastfeeding every time she woke up, no bedtime routine for the majority of her first year (at 8 months old she would still be crawling around at speed at 10pm)....

It honestly seemed at the time like a litany of failures. A full night of sleep was 100% an impossibility. But somehow, slowly the progress has been incremental over the last few months, helped hugely by language. Accepting the cot when I told her that if she slept there for just a few minutes, I’d bring her in to our bed later. She’s sleep there till 11pm, then 1am, then 4am - her best time til today!) She would wake up a couple of hours after going to sleep, but instead of breastfeeding her, I found that I could tell her to put her head down on the pillow while I chatted to her all about the things we were going to do tomorrow...and somehow, she accepted this compromise. The bedtime got naturally earlier, driven not by her but by me. Things are slowly falling into place.

Now things will probably go belly-up tomorrow (she still has more teeth to come grin). And I still breastfeed her for 5 minutes before putting her into her cot, so a dependency is still there.

But I’m guess I’m just posting this to say, if you’re struggling with sleep and doing things “wrong”, it probably - hopefully - WILL get better. Bedsharing, whatever it is. Do what you need to to survive, and maybe the normal stages of child development will help you out as time passes.

(Off to marvel again at this feeling of remarkable mental clarity from sleep-saturation)

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Mammyloveswine Tue 22-Dec-20 06:57:52

Ah it's a lovely feeling!!

SnuggyBuggy Tue 22-Dec-20 06:59:27

Sounds like my first, just slept through one night, no obvious reason at all. I found once she'd done it weid get it once a week and then it increased until she did it consistently.

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