Worried that two month old suddenly won’t sleep during the day

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Shefliesonherownwings Sun 20-Dec-20 17:46:38

DS is 8 weeks and I’m a first time mum. Probably a paranoid, over protective one. He’s generally a very good baby, we’ve had a few issues with congestion and trapped wind (he’s formula fed) but up until this week he slept well. On average he eats every four hours and sleeps 3-4 hours at a time. We can get him to sleep in his Moses basket overnight and in the day he’s on one of us or in his basket.

We’re not in any sort of routine, we just let him sleep as and when. At night, we keep things nice and quiet, dim lighting, play white noise and womb sounds and he does usually go off to sleep nicely.

But the daytime naps are starting to become an issue. He has started really fighting his naps and it’s becoming really hard to settle him when he is obviously tired. I’m not trying to put him into any routine yet, he’s too young, but I’m worried he’s just not getting enough decent sleep so I’m wondering if we do need a routine.

For example, today he woke about 8:30 and had a feed. Then went back to sleep about 10 until 11 and that’s the longest nap he’s had until now. He’s had about 40 mins at lunchtime and 30 mins this afternoon but I’d say they were light cat naps. He’s now in a deep sleep on my husband. Previously he’d sleep for 2-3 hours at a time during the day.

If this is all normal that’s fine but I’m just worried that he’s gone from lots of good deep sleeping during the day to hardly anything. Yesterday was the same and it was then harder to settle him overnight. He was was obviously over tired.

What do I do? As I say he’s not in any routine so it’s hard to know what his normal awake/sleeping times are except he does normally like a long stretch in the morning. The rest of the day could go any way. Is this normal for two months? Is he getting enough sleep? I’m worried not getting enough deep sleep will affect his development. Any ideas/suggestions?

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NewMum0305 Mon 21-Dec-20 11:21:13

My daughter was terrible for cat naps in the early days. As she got older, and developed a nap routine, her naps lengthened naturally. She’s as bright as a button at 20 months, so I really really wouldn’t worry about impact on development. Some babies are just cat nappers unfortunately but when it comes to sleep, everything is a phase! x

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