Do I wake my 6 month old from his nap?

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Hodge85 Sun 20-Dec-20 14:25:04


My 6 month old is clocking between 10 & 11 hours at night, which is great but I know it's depending on his naps. He had 1 hour this morning but he's currently still sleeping and he's been asleep for over 2 hours now. Do I wake him and try him for a half an hour later? Or let him sleep a bit longer? He normally goes to bed about 7pm. x

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LouiseTrees Sun 20-Dec-20 22:37:38

I always wake my daughter at the 2.5 hour point max to avoid night time issues

Pipandmum Sun 20-Dec-20 22:40:34

I always woke my kids after two hours.

Hodge85 Mon 21-Dec-20 07:40:49

Hi, so I woke him after 2.5 hours, managed to keep him up to go to bed at 6:50pm, he then slept until 5:45am. Anything I can do to encourage a later morning wake-up?

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HullBrian Mon 21-Dec-20 07:44:19

I think you’re doing pretty well in the sleep department!

They naturally wake up later as they get older in my experience, it’ll come with time smile

justsotiredallthetime Mon 21-Dec-20 23:30:49

6.50 - 5.45 - you are living the dream! Wish we had that with our nearly 2 year old!

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