Duvets and pillows

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Mandrake91 Sun 20-Dec-20 06:59:06

Hello, I currently have a 2y4m boy and he is currently sleeping in what was his cot but with the sides down, with a thin baby pillow and a cot quilt.

He doesn't sleep well and often comes in to our bed asking for milk and sleep in with us. I am starting to wonder whether we should move him into a normal single bed, normal pillow and normal duvet to see if that would help as when he sleeps in with us he has normal duvets and pillows but is it too young?

I've researched it and it says not before 1yo but I think that's for the thin pillows and thin cot duvets that he is in now and wondering when people moved them to proper beds and bedding?

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FippertyGibbett Sun 20-Dec-20 07:02:17

No, mine were in a single bed with pillow and duvet by 2 yrs old.

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