Baby sleeping on top of adult pillow

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Lovelife81 Wed 16-Dec-20 21:34:47

In need of some advice! My baby is nearly 6 months old, he has suddenly decided he doesn’t like sleeping in the Snuzpod... I breastfeed him to sleep on a pillow and then place him next to me in bed - he seems to wake up and then when I breastfeed him off the pillow he goes straight back to sleep on the pillow and sleeps soundly. It’s not a particularly thick pillow and it’s pretty wide... I’m just worried as I keep reading that pillows of any kind are not recommended. Does this also mean when a baby is fully lying on an adult pillow?

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snackarella Wed 16-Dec-20 21:45:09

I think it's to do with suffocation and them
Nor being able to move themselves of the pillow covered nose or mouth

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